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DiagProg diagnostic tester is a product of ElproSys companywhich was established in 2000. From the very beginning our main objective has been delivering cutting-edge solutions for the automotive industry. Initially the company employed several people, but with the rapid development of products offered, our employment has grown every year and the company currently employs over 15 people. Our employees are mainly high-class specialists in the field of electronics, automation and programming with a passion and many years of experience in their fields. Elprosys team is deeply committed to providing unrivaled solutions on a global scale.
The turning point in the history of Elprosys was the year 2005, when the company's head office was moved to Gliwice which opened new opportunities for development due to the fact that the company in addition to manufacturing the device DiagProg
In view of the highest quality of our products, ElproSys constantly develops activities related to servicing and providing professional support to its clients.



DiagProgwww.diagprog4.com DiagProg4 diagnostic tester, a successor of famous DiagProg3, is the latest generation device of DiagProg series. It is a fully professional portable tool, that offers maximum flexibility and comfort while maintaining easy of use.
Worth mentioning is that DiagProg4 can save you a lot of time and money because it can access a lot of functions straight through OBDII connection ensuring easy, fast and safe usage. The device supports all possible communication protocols.
DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is the most advanced and powerful automotive diagnostic tool currently available on the market.


CodiProg USB is a  universal EEPROM tool that allowes to read, edit and write various types of EEPROM memories. I2C, SPI and Microwire memory interfaces are supported. Device is communicating with PC through USB port. It allowes you to fully adjust main programming parameters like programming voltage, pull-up resistors, clock speed and read/write delays. It can load, edit and save files in *.bin, *.epp, and *.sec formats.

CodiProg USB software includes ability to upgrade device firmware to enable support for new memory types. It is also possible to use some CodiProg features without PC computer control.